IT’S ME :)

IT'S ME :)

that’s my name. a strong name with a difficult way to say. my name is complained by my friends, teachers, lecturers and everybody else. they said that my name is hard to say and a bit difficult to write or memorize. that’s contain nothing problem for me coz i’ll always proud of my name and that’s meaning. 🙂

gals and guys, i was born on june 1994 in North Rabangodu Bima Town, NTB Indonesia.
now, i live in Mataram to continue my study at Universitas Mataram in Chemistry Education field of study.

i’m a simple. i love english, creative work and design. “i’m beautifull and humories, you’ll be laught beside me” that’s what my friends said. then, i wanna always keep working, having a job and so busy. i dislike a silent situation and no conversation. i’ll always study and work.

who ever you are, i’ll respect to you but please don’t make me be angry 🙂
i’m immidiatelly forgive, but so scared then.
it’s a joke, dude 😀

love greeting 🙂

Dliyah Jun

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4 thoughts on “IT’S ME :)

  1. Reblogged this on NK and commented:
    nice pict,,,
    kamu kreatif dalam mengedit foto 😀

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